Press coverage of SOUNDOME at Electric Picnic 2017

Irish Times wrote a review of Soundome at Electric Picnic 2017 There’s No Place Like Dome, by Peter Crawley

What are we queueing for?’

The answer is a total surround sound experience, created by Kilkenny’s Tom Watts. His prototype was made in his barn, a 16-speaker dome that wraps you in music like a child in the womb. The new one has 46 speakers, and five subwoofers under its wooden flooring: you feel the music as you hear it. In the epicentre of the dome three friends compared notes: “If every gig was like this it would be amazing,” says Killian O’Shea, from Limerick. “It’s way more immersive than a club – you can pick out dynamic details,” approves Laura Buckley, from Cork. “I feel like you need more bass,” suggests Ava Kratzinger, from Pennsylvania.

Hot Press wrote a review of Soundome at Electric Picnic 2017. A first look inside this year’s Electric Picnic by Hot Press

“The only way you can describe it is a metal dome with 42 speakers around it. And it gives you an experience of listening to music like no other. There was a specially commissioned DJ there playing music and it really gives you a new sense of music because there’s the force of sub-woofers come at you from every direction. It’s incredible. I’d describe it as a sensory overload. There’s smoke, there’s light, there’s music. It’s something that nobody can prepare themselves for, because anybody that’s listened to music is just listens through a speaker. And surround sound might be one thing, but this is next level to surround sound.”

Red Bull SOUNDOME Electric Picnic 2017

Meet The Man Behind Soundome

Interview with Red Bull

During the interview, Tom Watts inventor of SOUNDOME takes you back to his original light bulb moment listening to Wu-Tang Clan in 2002 and the first prototype with 16 speakers from a car scrapyard.

Tom kicks off the interview by explaining that Soundome is ‘like headphone sounds, without headphones. You’ve got that full ‘wow’ experience, but the fantastic thing is that you feel the bass through your feet, so you’re connected to the music, you’re feeling the beat.’

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RTE logo Sinead Brennan, alternative things to do at Electric Picnic

The bold Motel, Casa Bacardi Mojito and visit the Soundome

The Red Bull stage is always home to some great acts, but the stage itself is enough of a draw this year as it comes in the form of a geodesic dome in the heart of the forest. The dome is host to 46 perfectly-calibrated speakers that will provide a pulsating display of musical movement set to engulf visitors in its sonic magnitude.”

You can find the full article about the other acts and SOUNDOME on RTE