SOUNDOME is a unique combination of geodesic construction and surround sound technology. Each hub of the structure incorporates a speaker, making it exceptionally suitable for spatial audio reproduction.

With all speakers positioned at the same distance relative to the center of the dome and even angular distribution, it is the ideal setup for 3D spatial audio content and can be used with all common spatialisation techniques including Ambisonics.

Everyone is familiar with the common blast of stage speakers due to the distance the sound has to travel to the rear of the venue in the lateral sense. SOUNDOME does away with the “blast or barren” approach of traditional sound systems.

Every musician “feels” the music, and now fans can feel it too – exactly as the musician intended. No more bouncing down and compressing material from the studio to fit the constraints of live environments, the sensation of envelopment within SOUNDOME can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their position in the venue.